Who is the Mensch with a Wrench?

No one would debate that the Mensch with a Wrench is just that - he's a good-hearted, honest, hard-working young man who is handy and helpful. He can organize your life - ok, maybe just your garage, basement or storage closets - with sturdy, well-crafted shelving units, and he can offer the patience to put together do-it-yourself units from most manufacturers. He can even interpret the no-words, illustrations-only instructions that come with Ikea furniture!

He can baby-proof your home, install just about anything and do light plumbing and electrical work. He can consult on storage and repair solutions, weatherize your home and help make it more "green" with eco-friendly solutions. He can paint, hang paintings, drapes, whatever needs hanging, and keep your bathrooms and kitchens looking like new with fresh caulk and maintenance. You name it, he can do it! (And if he can't for some unheard of reason, he can point you in the direction of someone that can. Someone that you can trust!)

Oh, and despite how catchy his moniker is, the Mensch with a Wrench goes by Michael Goldstein, much thanks due to his lovely parents residing in Maryland, where Michael was born, raised and spent much of his childhood breaking and fixing everything. And he'll clean up after himself in your house, just as he does at his mother's!

Michael's a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and a die-hard Badger fan, as a result. He's a former camp director, a career that really bolstered his creative, fun, energetic personality. Michael has a beautiful wife and two young apprentices - his 6-year-old twin sons.