Welcome to Mensch with a Wrench

Hey there! So you might be asking: "What is a Mensch with a Wrench?" To cut to it, it's a handy man providing repair and maintenance services that you need to call - and soon! He can help with projects around the house, general maintenance and much, much more. Take a look below at the list of things he can do!

Oh, and in case you're wondering. "Mensch" is a Yiddish term meaning someone with admirable characteristics who is responsible, honest and decent. And this mensch carries a wrench because he's handier than any other mensch you know - you'll welcome him in your home because he provides quick, reliable and high-quality work. And he's got a killer smile, to boot!

Handyman Extraordinaire

Michael Goldstein



Licensed & Insured

What exactly can the Mensch with a Wrench do for you?

He's a real handy man, so the options are nearly unending. Here are a few, off the tops of our heads, but please feel free to email or call Michael to pick his brain. He can work with you to serve your needs and come up with some great functional and economical solutions.

Here goes…

  • Light plumbing and electrical work
  • Light Carpentry
  • Fixture replacement and repair
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Dimmer installation
  • Thermostat installation
  • Hardware installation - door knobs, kitchen pulls, handles, kitchen organization
  • Baby/child proofing (He's got 6-year-old twin boys of his own, he knows this topic!)
  • Small projects and repairs in and around the house
  • Shelving units
  • Furniture Assembly – Ikea, Crate and Barrel, etc.
  • Hang photos, curtains and shelving
  • Design and build storage solutions in basements, closets, garages
  • TV Mounting
  • Weatherization
  • "Green" homes
  • Caulking in kitchens and baths
  • Painting (minor touch-ups)